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Memorial Day Weekend- Better Known as the day the pool opens May 23, 2008

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  When I moved to my current hometown from Chicago, one of my first goals was to join a pool. We moved in summer and the thought of being in a new place with nothing to do was my worst nightmare. My father-in-law got us a gym membership for a house warming gift because it had a bit outdoor pool. Normally, I might be offended if someone gave me a gym membership for a gift, but I know this was because he knew of my strong desire to spend my summer stretched out beside a kiddie pool (at least that better be why he got me a gym membership).

I didn’t have a pool to go to in Chicago so I was unaware that once you have children, relaxing by the pool goes by the wayside. Instead, you spend your time making sure your children don’t drown and getting in and out of the pool every 5 seconds because your child is cold, tired, hungry, has to pee, bored, got splashed, has to pee, accidentally got water up their nose, is hungry or has to pee. Fun times. Then you have a second baby and the fun just doubles.

My problem is slightly compounded by the fact that my normally extremely helpful and hands on hubby cannot resist the pull of the water slides. If you drive by my pool on any given weekend you will find a line for the water slide filled with 4 foot tall beings…and my hubby. And his face looks every bit as thrilled as theirs when he comes off one of those babies.

Then there is the ever present problem of spending large amounts of time in a swimsuit. After popping out 2 kids. Why, oh why, did we stop wearing those swimsuits that covered us from neck to knees. Cause my pool seems to be filled with a bunch of women who are either a) married to a good plastic surgeon, b) spending way too much time at the gym and way too little time eating or c) genetic freaks of nature. None of these options bodes well for my general well being and self esteem.

Still, with all these factors in play, I still live for the weekend when the pool opens. And I spend many of my days there all summer long. I squeeze into the suit, slather my kids with sunscreen, head towards the water and hope for the best. You know why it is all worth it? Free (actually, not even close) entertainment that tires out my kids so much that they go to bed early and sleep like a baby. And really, doesn’t that make it all worth it?

This post is for a contest going on right now over at the Parent Bloggers Network. They are partnering with Huggies Little Swimmers and giving away a great “Summer Fun Essentials Package” (which I am hoping includes a nanny who likes to play with my kids at the pool while I lay out and read People magazine). Head over there for info on how to enter.



Spring Has Sprung April 5, 2008

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 Spring is a dicey proposition in Michigan. We can have snowfall well into April. It seems this year spring has been trying to arrive for a while now. Especially since Easter came so early. There was snow on the ground. And my poor girls were shivering in their short sleeved Easter dresses. I feel it is best they learn early that beauty is painful. That will make the brow waxing less of a shock.

Today I feel like spring really arrived. Everywhere you looked you saw it. The last stubborn piles of snow melted away. The birds couldn’t contain their songs. Kids riding bikes and playing catch with their dads. People beginning to assess what yard work needed to be accomplished. Men in shorts and sandals (seriously there are men out there who throw on shorts when it reaches 55 degrees). I sat in the sunroom like a cat absorbing the sun.

My mom used to do a cartwheel on the first day of spring every year (pretty confident she has stopped…Mom?). Isn’t that what spring makes you want to do? We have endured months upon months of cold and yuck and finally the earth wakes up and comes alive again. I much as I sometimes envy (and vacation in) warmer destinations in the winter time, I know in my heart I could never be happy in a place where I couldn’t experience all 4 seasons. Spring, summer and fall make the winter bearable. Plus, rumor has it while we enjoyed 65 degree weather today, all the people on spring break in Florida were greeted with rain. So excuse me while I….na, na, na, na, na, na. Apparently the one thing spring doesn’t bring- maturity.

This post was written for MamaBlogga’s Group Writing Project.


Carnival of Family Life August 27, 2007

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cofl.jpg I am participating this week in the Carnival of Family Life. It is being hosted over at Sandier Pastures. She did a beautiful job as hostess so go check out some of the fun entries. Also, if you are interested in participating in a future carnival check out An Island Life for info.


My Mom, My Mentor, My Friend July 25, 2007

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thank-you.jpg MamaBlogga is hosting another writing project this month with the theme: Thanks Mom! Let me just state up front that I am not really into the whole mushy, share your feelings thing. I have even been known to become a bit uncomfortable with a hug (what is with this trend of hugging everyone when we see them?) So a public love letter to my mom is not the easiest thing in the world for me to express, but the opportunity to make my mom cry is too good to pass up (plus I already did a love letter to my dad and hubby so she is owed one). Here goes nothing:

  1. My mom is my best friend:Truly, she is the person I call most during the day (well that’s a toss up between her and cleaver mama). She is constantly encouraging me as a mother. Some days that is so priceless when I am feeling like I am hanging onto sanity with my fingernails. I just enjoy hanging out with her which I think is a rarity in mother-daughter relationships. I hope my daughters enjoy my company as much when they are older.
  2. Growing up, she wasn’t my “best friend”: Let me clarify. I think we live in a culture where so many parents are too wrapped up in wanting their kids to like them and be their friends and forget to be a parent. My mom was always there for me growing up, but set definite boundaries and rules. At the time I thought they were too strict, but now that I am older and wiser (and a mother) I am so thankful that she was because it saved me from getting in a lot of trouble. I remember once complaining to a friend in high school about how strict my parents were and she said, “At least you know they care, my parents don’t seem to care what I do.” That has always stuck with me.
  3. She’s still a kid at heart:She still looks forward to the first day of spring so she can do a cartwheel (not so well anymore). She takes my kids walking in the rain so she can splash in the puddles. She thinks nothing of playing hours of pretend games with Lily (I tire out after 10 minutes). She just loves being silly with my kids and they love her for it.
  4. She has taught me a lot about marriage: As I have mentioned before my parents have been married forever and growing up, they made it look really easy. Now that I am an adult, she has been more honest about the work and struggle it is to make a marriage succeed over the long haul. I think this is the greatest gift because then the “work” of marriage didn’t catch me by surprise. I also get to daily see the result of all that “work” and why it is so worth it when I see how much my parents still enjoy each other.
  5. She is my spiritual role model:Let’s be honest, she is a whole lot of people’s spiritual role model. Of course she isn’t perfect cause no one is, but she models Christ to those around her in so many ways. She is a breast cancer survivor and I have never seen anyone rely on God during a trial like she did. Her trust in his plan inspired countless people who she shared her journey with. She is passionate about God, but never in a pushy way. I think people just see something different in her and want to know why.

Must stop writing…starting to cry (Court is so proud right now) and I hate that. I grew up with friends who were always jealous of my mom and our relationship. I guess sometimes I take it for granted and am glad for the chance to say thanks. You have set the bar high for motherhood, but I am striving to live up to your example.


The House on Seventh Street July 20, 2007

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childhoodhome.jpg Owlhaven is hosting a carnival today called My Childhood Home. I love this chance to reminisce.

I grew up in basically 2 homes. One on seventh street until I was in 5th grade, and one on Jerome street until I left home. Let me just say that when my parents sold the house on Jerome street I sat on the front steps after everything had been moved out and bawled like a baby. I loved that house and still am a bit bitter that they sold it. Oddly though, when I think of my childhood home, I think of the house on seventh street because that’s where I was when I was truly a child (I guess 5th grade is all grown up :))

Here are my memories of that house:

  1. It had a front porch with a porch swing. I love my current house, but before I die I must own a house with a porch swing. Anyway it also had this railing around it with slats the perfect size to get knees and elbows stuck in. There wasn’t a kid in our neighborhood that didn’t have to get something unstuck by my mom using a stick of butter to dislodge the affected appendage.
  2. My room was in the basement. At one point my brother and I shared this really big room that my parents wisely separated with a really large set of shelves. I distinctly remember pushing those shelves over onto my brother’s bed in a moment of frustrations. Oh yeah, he was in it. I think my parents quickly rethought that wisdom.
  3. Next, my parents took over the big room and put me in the small room off theirs. It was really weird cause I had to walk through their room to get to mine. Still, my mom decked out this room to make it special for me. The best part was that the whole basement had suspended ceilings that were perfect for tacking posters to. So I went to bed every night staring up at Ralph Macchio and Kirk Cameron.
  4. My brother had a sweet race car bed. He also used to collect large branches from the yard to hide next to his bed in case of a surprise attack by an intruder.
  5. We had these 2 huge pine trees in our backyard that my brother and I used to scale. We would come down covered in sap.
  6. We had a sandbox in the backyard that we would make elaborate tunnels in for our hamsters to climb through. Saddly, one hamster met it’s untimely death this way after a run in with a wasp.
  7. We had all sorts of things growing in the back yard. We had a apple tree, a pussywillow, rhubarb, cherry tomatoes and all the usual garden fare in the garden. What I remember most are the rows of corn. I remember hiding in them and getting lost, but my mom informs me there were 2 rows with about 6 stalks in each. Isn’t that weird how your memories from childhood seem much grander than reality?

There are so many more, but if you aren’t a member of my family you are probably bored already. What I remember most is that it was a neighborhood filled with kids and it was a time where we could play hard without any worries. We played in front yards, rode our bikes up and down the streets and ran in and out of each other’s houses without invitation. Man, I miss those times.