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Free Food!! February 11, 2008

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pancake.jpg Tomorrow (Tues) is free pancake day at IHOP. You get one free shortstack per guest and they ask that you donate something to Children’s Miracle Network. Never one to turn down free food (or free anything frankly) the hubby and I went 2 years ago at 7 am when it opened hoping to beat the crowds. We kept Lily in her pajamas, I confess I might have been pretty close to pajama wear and the hubby went on the way to work. We were the only people there. Apparently the rest of the sane people of the world aren’t so enthusiastic about free breakfast food laden with butter and syrup.

So for tomorrow I suggested to the hubby that maybe we go for dinner instead. To be honest, I want to sleep in and of course work out tomorrow. Somehow Cardio Blast doesn’t sound as much fun after polishing of a stack pancakes. He looked at me like I was off my rocker and said, “Pancakes for dinner?”

Am I the only one who loves to eat breakfast food for dinner? Growing up pancakes, eggs and bacon were a regular Sunday night meal. Now as I get older I realize that although I thought my family was ultra-normal…it wasn’t. Still, I can’t be the only person who did this. So my faithful commenters, help a sista’ out. Tell me that pancakes for dinner sound heavenly.

BTW- we will be going at 8 am. If you see me doubled over in Cardio Blast, you now know why. If you want some free food (and seriously!!! why wouldn’t you), click here to find the nearest IHOP to you. It seems as if you live in Eastern Montana or pretty much all off North Dakota, you are screwed. Then again, if you live in Eastern Montana or North Dakota, I think you probably already knew that.


Free Magazine Subscription January 21, 2008

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parentsmagazine.jpg You can get a free subscription to Parent Magazine here. I am pretty sure if you are a current subscriber it will just renew you. Oh, what a fabulous way to start a Monday- FREE STUFF!!


Amazing Deal on Crayons! July 18, 2007

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crayons.jpg Head over to Want Not and check out this crazy deal on crayons. One commenter even got Staples to pay her for the crayons. If you don’t need them for yourself find a worthy cause to donate to.


Free Diapers!! July 2, 2007

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diapers.jpg Need I say more? I actually use these diapers and I think they are really good. Oddly enough, I ended up switching back to Huggies because they are cheaper than the Kirkland brand at Costco. Isn’t that a bad marketing decision? What do I know? Anyway, get your free diapers here. Thanks Baby Cheapskate!


Magazine Deal June 22, 2007

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blueprint.jpgSo I think we are all well aware by now that I have a magazine problem. It is an understatement to say I do not need anymore magazine subscriptions…but I can’t pass up a good deal.

Blueprint is a semi-new magazine from Martha Stewart. It is kind of a younger, hipper Real Simple (one of my faves). I like it because it covers home, crafts, fashion, makeup and more all in one magazine. My 2 complaints about this magazine are that a lot of the products featured are crazy expensive ($240 for an umbrella, seriously?) and the magazine itself is a little expensive at $15 for only 6 issues (it comes every 2 months).

However, because of my amazing connection to Martha Stewart (she is a close personal friend, can’t you tell by my superior craft skills?) you can get a subscription for only $9.95. If you are interested sign up here. Even better, you get to try out one issue before you decide if you want more.