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Frugal Fridays- It’s Like A Little Bit of Heaven With A Hole In The Middle February 21, 2008

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krispykreme.jpg I am sure there are much more relevant and important topics I could be sharing with you today, but when I find out about free donuts I feel as though it is my job, dare I say my duty, to pass on that info to my readers. Plus if you partake too, I won’t be the only one packin’ on 5 extra pounds from polishing off 3 donuts in one sitting.

Krispy Kreme is offering a coupon to buy one dozen donuts and get another dozen free. That is $.26 a donut people. Now seriously you just can’t beat that. That is a 10th of a cent per calorie and 2 cents per fat gram. Or to look at it another way, around a dollar for a mere 800 calories. That nearly half of your daily needed caloric intake FOR A DOLLAR. How much more frugal can you get???

*For the sake of journalistic accuracy, I just called Krispy Kreme to find out how much a dozen donuts were pretty much assuming that at 11:30 at night they would be closed. They were so not closed and now I am staring at that picture of donuts on the conveyor belt in the middle of a full blow PMS attack wondering what kind of insane person would get in their car and drive to Krispy Kreme at 11:30 at night. I am balancing delicately on the verge of becoming that person. Just thought you should know…

For more frugal tips, head over to Biblical Womanhood.


Things I Love Thursday- Hillshire Farm Deli Wraps February 20, 2008

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deliwrap.jpg I have mentioned before my love/hate relationship with lunch. I just dread noon time everyday cause I have to try and feed the kids while making something for me to eat and do it all before the naptime meltdown.

So imagine my delight when I was asked to try the new Hillshire Farm Deli Wraps. These babies make lunch time a no brainer. Each kit contains enough to make 2 sandwiches, but I only needed one with some fruit to fill me for lunch. The wrap consists of meat, cheese, tortilla and dressing. They can be eaten hot or cold, but I preferred mine after a quick zap in the microwave.

Note to the Hillshire Farm people, your website is I think that is a little creepy. Especially, the girl who jumps up and yells go meat when the page loads. Someone might want to rethink the Go Meat theme. Just my humble little opinion…thank God it’s is some good meat.


Free Food!! February 11, 2008

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pancake.jpg Tomorrow (Tues) is free pancake day at IHOP. You get one free shortstack per guest and they ask that you donate something to Children’s Miracle Network. Never one to turn down free food (or free anything frankly) the hubby and I went 2 years ago at 7 am when it opened hoping to beat the crowds. We kept Lily in her pajamas, I confess I might have been pretty close to pajama wear and the hubby went on the way to work. We were the only people there. Apparently the rest of the sane people of the world aren’t so enthusiastic about free breakfast food laden with butter and syrup.

So for tomorrow I suggested to the hubby that maybe we go for dinner instead. To be honest, I want to sleep in and of course work out tomorrow. Somehow Cardio Blast doesn’t sound as much fun after polishing of a stack pancakes. He looked at me like I was off my rocker and said, “Pancakes for dinner?”

Am I the only one who loves to eat breakfast food for dinner? Growing up pancakes, eggs and bacon were a regular Sunday night meal. Now as I get older I realize that although I thought my family was ultra-normal…it wasn’t. Still, I can’t be the only person who did this. So my faithful commenters, help a sista’ out. Tell me that pancakes for dinner sound heavenly.

BTW- we will be going at 8 am. If you see me doubled over in Cardio Blast, you now know why. If you want some free food (and seriously!!! why wouldn’t you), click here to find the nearest IHOP to you. It seems as if you live in Eastern Montana or pretty much all off North Dakota, you are screwed. Then again, if you live in Eastern Montana or North Dakota, I think you probably already knew that.


Weighing in 5 Pounds heavier November 23, 2007

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turkey1.jpg We had a lovely and very filling Thanksgiving. I hosted the family at my house which wasn’t bad at all since I had major help cleaning and cooking. I also have a mother-in-law who insisted on washing everything by hand after dinner. I think she even washed things we didn’t use considering how many clean dishes are piled up around my kitchen. Is it possible they were breeding through the night? Actually, breed away, as long as you are breeding clean dishes. Cause frankly, they are usually breeding the other kind.

We had a delicious turkey cooked on the grill. In true Thanksgiving fashion it took an hour longer than it should have, but we simply began munching on some fruit, deviled eggs and cookies to keep us occupied while waiting. The highlight of dinner for me was some sweet potatoes I whipped up involving 7 egg yolks and 3 cups of whole milk. So it was basically a healthy, low fat, reduced calorie kind of dish. I tried a new recipe that involved a blow torch which has inspired a new Thanksgiving motto: “It ain’t Thanksgiving unless there is a blow torch involved.” I think I will make some t-shirts up to commemorate.

The night ended with a rousing game of Michigan Rummy which I can humbly tell you I kicked some booty in. Today will be a day of sitting in elastic pants shopping on Amazon. I have found their prices to be comparable to most of the Black Friday sales going on. To all you suckers who woke up at 4 am to elbow your way through a bunch of crazy people to buy a $30 digital camera, I hope you found what you were looking for with minimal injuries. I was with you in spirit (not really, I was sleeping). 


Thing I Love- Tropicana Juice September 26, 2007

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tropicana.jpg Oh yes, it’s more food. Can I just tell you how many times I have made the news page on Wordpress lately? Well, not tons, but every time I do it’s under the heading of food. Maybe I should start a blog dedicated to food. I am pretty sure if I did that I would grow while my blog grows.

I have never been the biggest fan of OJ. It is usually loaded with sugar and calories and unless I am staring down a big plate of pancakes, it just didn’t seem necessary. However vitamin C is really important in your diet to improve your immune system, help with calcium absorption and even increase sperm motility (yippee!!)

I have never found an OJ I love like I love Tropicana. It is actually 100% juice instead of something masquerading as such. What I love even more are all the choices that I have. Lots of pulp, a little pulp, no pulp. Reduced acid, high fiber, light, and heart healthy. They even have one geared to kids. Are they all gimmicks? Possibly, but they have me buying into it.

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you can guess which one I regularly buy. Man I love fiber. I like that it isn’t loaded with pulp, but has a touch of it. Best of all, it has 3 grams of fiber per serving. Just one more thing keeping us regular here in the Diaper Diaries household.


Works for Me Wednesday- Kitchen Tips September 25, 2007

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wfmwheader_163.jpg Man are you in luck this week. I am providing not one, not two, but 3 tips to help you out in the kitchen. In honor of Lily’s 4th birthday, I am just in a giving kind of spirit.

I love to cook. I cook from scratch most nights, but I try and avoid things with a lot of prep work. Mostly I hate chopping, cutting, slicing, dicing, you get my point. Here are 3 tips to make using a knife easier.

  1. Avocados: Cut lengthwise around the seed and rotate halves in opposite directions to separate. Take your knife and slam it down into the pit (this is a great way to get rid of pent up aggression-not that you have any). Rotate the knife and the pit should pop right out onto the knife. While the avocado is still in its skin, cut into slices (whatever shape you are going for) without cutting through the skin. Spoon out avocado from skin. Make guacamole and eat entire bowl full in one setting (last step is optional, but highly recommended).
  2. Peppers: Cut a little off the top and bottom of the pepper. Stand up so that the newly cut bottom is on the cutting board. You should be looking down at a rectangular tube with a white seedy core. Cut down each side of the rectangle avoiding the white veins. When done you should be left with 4 sides that are seed and rib free. All the seeds and ribs should stay in one piece in the middle, and you can discard. (sorry I don’t have pictures, but I can’t find the camera)
  3. OnionsSlice the top off the onion and peel off the skin. Holding the onion firmly picture the onion as a compass. Make parallel cuts from north to south across the face of the onion, but do not cut all the way through. Make them as deep and as far apart as you want your diced pieces to be. Now make the same cuts from east to west, perpendicular to the first cuts made. You onion should look like a grid. Holding the onion firmly, place on its side and carefully slice down. You should end up with a big ol’ pile of diced onion.

One bonus tip: I find it easiest to cut a tomato using a serrated bread knife. It doesn’t seem to squish (very technical cooking term) as much.

Those are the kitchen tips that work for me. What works for you? For more tips, head on over to Rocks In My Dryer.


Things I Love- Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners September 19, 2007

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slowcookerliner1.jpg So many of the “Things I Love” involve food. Why is that? I should just do a post that says:

Things I Love Thursday-Food

and leave it at that.

I really love my slow cooker. I love not having to worry about food at the end of the day. I love having my whole house smell like yummy food all day. I love cleaning up the caked on food that is left over after we eat. Oh wait, I hate that part.

That’s why I love Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners. You just line your slow cooker with one and then cook as usual. After cooking, pitch the liner and you are good to go. Makes lazy Sundays even lazier.