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Happy Three Day Weekend for the Fourth of July July 3, 2008

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  I am taking the weekend off to enjoy with my family. I hope you are doing the same. Of course I will still be lurking around the blogosphere a bit, but not blogging unless something happens so fabulous or hilarious that I can’t resist. Have a great 4th of July and thank you to anyone who is defending (or married to someone defending) our ability to be free.

If you need something to keep you busy over the weekend, head over to It’s Me…Jen and submit a few recipes for the cookbook she is assembling. You will get a copy of everyone else’s recipes for your trouble. Which I think is a pretty good deal. See you on Monday!


Things I Love Thursday- ME!!! (but really you again) June 11, 2008

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 Thanks so much for all your comments last week. I got 49 fabulous ones. Well actually 47 cause Erin was trying to stack the deck in her favor by leaving me some comment love multiple times. I just kid Erin, but I am onto your tactics. Anyway, we have a winner and it is comment #8, Denise who so deserves it because she used to work for my dad and everyone deserves a prize for putting up with his crazy self 🙂

But guess what dear readers, I am just so in love with you all and your fabulous comments that I am giving up one more fabulous personalized scripture name for you to win. Why, you ask. Wait, didn’t I say it’s because I love you? Oh, you mean why else? Because 33 years ago today, I blessed this world with by presence and now I am continuing to bless you with my presents (see how I did that? oh the witty humor!! actually mom, that was for you).

Yes, it is my birthday today and what do I want? Well, I would continue my plea for chocolate, but that did not work out for me so well last week. But you know what did work well? My bribery for comments. So I am bribing again. Maybe I will get so used to all this bribing I will start giving things away every week!! Doubtful, but for this week, you are in luck. Leave me a comment, any old comment and you will be entered. I prefer comments telling me I don’t look a day over 29 in case you are wondering.

This contest is shorter and will end Sunday at midnight when I will post a winner. Actually lets say 10 cause I don’t want to stay up until midnight. Only one entry per person. Yes, Erin, I’m talkin’ to you 🙂 Best of luck!!


Things I Love Thursday- YOU!! June 4, 2008

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 I realized today (Wed) that it is actually my one year blogging anniversary!!! How fun is that? And it almost slipped by unnoticed. So today I am paying tribute to you, my wonderful readers.

Some of you have been with me from the beginning. Mom and the hubby were the first two to comment cause they are required to love me and my blog, but then I got a few strangers who started reading and are still loyal commentors. And then a few of my friends started blogs and I found a bunch of friends already had blogs and an obsession began. Now even the hubby has a blog.

451 posts, 4777 comments (a bloggy carnival or 2 will do your numbers wonders) and even 4299 spam comments (thanks to viagra and the sex challenge) later, here we are. So thank you all for going on this little adventure with me. I sincerely love every comment and am trying to get better about following up on them. You have made this so fun and I have enjoyed making some “bloggy” friends. Weird little thing, this world wide web.

You know what I want for my anniversary? More comments!!! This is officially your day to come out of the woodwork and tell me you love me :). And I am not above bribery. I am offering up one of my mother’s beautiful scripture names personalized as you wish. If you have always wanted one of these during the bloggy giveaways, but there were way too many people entered, here is your chance. I don’t have near that many readers 🙂 The contest will end next Wednesday at midnight when we will begin celebrating another unnamed special occasion.

If you don’t want to be entered in the contest, leave a comment anyway and tell me not to enter you. The goal is comments people. I want to wake up and be flooded with them. Cause comments are like crack to a blogger and I can’t get enough (note: I have never actually tried crack, nor do I condone it’s use, but I couldn’t think of another analogy). Wait I just did. Comments are like chocolate to a women who is in the throes of PMS. Come to think of it…chocolate would be an excellent anniversary gift. Forget the comments, send chocolate 🙂


Happy Birthday Hannah!! June 1, 2008

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 Hannah turned 2 last Thursday. Yes, I know I am late in mentioning it, but there was “Things I Love Thursday”, then “Frugal Fridays” and some serious gastro-intestinal issues on Saturday (I will spare you the details) so I am just now getting around to blogging about it.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it before, but every year on my birthday, my mom calls at a ridiculous hour in the morning and proceeds to start the conversation with (fill in the blank wiht the appropriate year) “Whatever years ago today, I didn’t even know that you would be coming…” and then proceeds to tell me some version of my birth story. I think it is only appropriate that I torture you all in the same fashion.

I began having Braxton Hicks contractions with Hannah at about 21 weeks. They held on nice and steady throughout my pregnancy at times getting rather intense. Typically some water and a good rest on my side took care of them. Plus it gave me an excuse to lay down for long periods of time. So this particular Sunday night I was out at a bar with a bunch of couples celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday party. The contractions were particularly bad and we were all joking about it since it was 3 weeks early.

I left the party early and slept as well as any 8 month pregnant woman can sleep (ie. awful) and woke when I woke up the next morning the contractions seemed a bit different. Like more often, and more intense. I told the hubby I was pretty sure these were the real deal and sent him to Meijer to get some things for the hospital. I can’t for the life of me remember what those things could have possibly been that were that important, but at them time it seemed as though the future of the free world depended on him getting those items.

While he was gone the contractions started coming closer together and I began panicking that we had not gotten to the hospital yet. Finally he arrived and we took off. On the way there, I called 2 of my friends who were also pregnant and due before me to say, “Na na na na na, I am having my baby before you.” Then I called and woke up my friend who had celebrated her birthday a bit too hard the night before and told her I was having a baby.

We got to the hospital and told them I was having a baby. They put me in a triage room with an imcompetent nurse. My labor is progressing quite rapidly and she keeps disappearing. I have asked for the drugs (I really was going to try and go natural, but then I remembered how painful labor is) and she is trying to put and IV in and can’t find a vein. She is poking me repeatedly with a needle and getting quite frustrated and at one point says, “Jill, your killin’ me here, I can’t find a vein.” It is possible some profanity was used. And not by the nurse. I should remind you that you should never judge a woman who is in labor.

Finally a competent person arrives to take me up to a birthing room. In the elevator on the way up, I kindly turn to that woman and ask her where my drugs are.  She smiles at me and says, “I’m sorry sweetie, you went to quickly, there isn’t time for drugs.” As my head begins to spin around in true exorcist fashion, my dear, dear hubby leans over and says, “That’s OK sweetie, you wanted to do it naturally.” He is frankly lucky he is still able to reproduce.

As they are wheeling me into the birthing room, I began to politely tell the nurse that I thought I might need to push (that may or may not be accurate) and she tells me to hold on cause the doctor isn’t quite here. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!! He is coming, but my labor has gone so fast that he wasn’t quite ready for me. By fast I mean 5-10 centimeters in 19 minutes. Happy times!! The doctor comes in, proceeds to try and introduce himself to the hubby and I, assesses the situation and decides to forgo introductions and just catch the baby that is shooting out of me. 1 1/2 pushes later and Hannah has arrived.

No offense to Lily, but she was upside down and I had to push for 3 hours so when she came out she had a massive conehead. And giant red indentations from the forceps. And since she was a forcep delivery they immediately took her to the little isolate on the side to check her out. Hannah came out perfect. They laid her on my chest, the hubby cut the cord…the whole nine yards. And 30 minutes after I had her, I felt awesome. I had tons of energy, I could walk around, it was awesome. And I have already mostly forgotten how awful the pain was. Not really, who could forget that?

So Hannah, thanks for coming into our lives. Your smile and giggles are infectious. I love that you already have a sense of humor and love to make people laugh. I love how your face lights up when your sister comes down the stairs in the morning. I love how you remind us to pray at every meal by folding your little hands, and then how you eat the whole time we are praying. I love how you prefer certain pacifiers and reject others for no obvious reason. I love how you “mother” all your dolls and stuffed animals. I love you for a million reasons and have loved (most) every minute of these past 2 years!


Memorial Day Weekend- Better Known as the day the pool opens May 23, 2008

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  When I moved to my current hometown from Chicago, one of my first goals was to join a pool. We moved in summer and the thought of being in a new place with nothing to do was my worst nightmare. My father-in-law got us a gym membership for a house warming gift because it had a bit outdoor pool. Normally, I might be offended if someone gave me a gym membership for a gift, but I know this was because he knew of my strong desire to spend my summer stretched out beside a kiddie pool (at least that better be why he got me a gym membership).

I didn’t have a pool to go to in Chicago so I was unaware that once you have children, relaxing by the pool goes by the wayside. Instead, you spend your time making sure your children don’t drown and getting in and out of the pool every 5 seconds because your child is cold, tired, hungry, has to pee, bored, got splashed, has to pee, accidentally got water up their nose, is hungry or has to pee. Fun times. Then you have a second baby and the fun just doubles.

My problem is slightly compounded by the fact that my normally extremely helpful and hands on hubby cannot resist the pull of the water slides. If you drive by my pool on any given weekend you will find a line for the water slide filled with 4 foot tall beings…and my hubby. And his face looks every bit as thrilled as theirs when he comes off one of those babies.

Then there is the ever present problem of spending large amounts of time in a swimsuit. After popping out 2 kids. Why, oh why, did we stop wearing those swimsuits that covered us from neck to knees. Cause my pool seems to be filled with a bunch of women who are either a) married to a good plastic surgeon, b) spending way too much time at the gym and way too little time eating or c) genetic freaks of nature. None of these options bodes well for my general well being and self esteem.

Still, with all these factors in play, I still live for the weekend when the pool opens. And I spend many of my days there all summer long. I squeeze into the suit, slather my kids with sunscreen, head towards the water and hope for the best. You know why it is all worth it? Free (actually, not even close) entertainment that tires out my kids so much that they go to bed early and sleep like a baby. And really, doesn’t that make it all worth it?

This post is for a contest going on right now over at the Parent Bloggers Network. They are partnering with Huggies Little Swimmers and giving away a great “Summer Fun Essentials Package” (which I am hoping includes a nanny who likes to play with my kids at the pool while I lay out and read People magazine). Head over there for info on how to enter.



Four Score and Seven Years Ago… May 19, 2008

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 Well maybe not four score, but 7 years ago today I was a nervous bride. 8 1/2 years ago today I went on my first date with a man, never even dreaming that he might one day be my husband. He brought me toothpaste and I was hooked. We married a year and a half after our first date. It was also the date of my grandparents anniversary.

I remember waking up that morning with butterflies in my stomach amazed that I was about to become someones wife. We met at the church first thing in the morning, just the two of us, and spent some time praying together. I will always treasure the memory of that hour, the last time we would see each other before the organist played “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” and I walked down the aisle on my dad’s arm.

I remember how sick you were. I remember the songs and the words that were sung. I remember you stumbling over the vows (“In sexness and in health”) and trying not to catch your eye cause I knew if we started laughing, we would never stop. I remember the pronouncement and hearing my name as “Mrs. Anderson” even though it would take me so many months to answer to it when someone called. I remember our first dance and you knocking off my veil. I remember the serenades by our friends. I remember singing to you and truly meaning every word.

I remember that I had no idea what “for better of worse” really means. How could I? We had only had “the better.” I probably still don’t fully know what it means, but I still mean it more than ever. I remember thinking several times over the years how awful it would be to be married to someone I couldn’t laugh with. I remember loving you even more the first time I saw you hold our baby in your arms.

Of course I remember being frustrated, unappreciated, annoyed and impatient. I remember that you have been the same with me. But I remember that every time you are, you have the grace to forgive me. I remember that you are almost always the person to say “I’m sorry” first. And I remember that way more often than not I am cherished, respected, appreciated and loved. I remember that too often I take that for granted.

And so today, I remember all the reasons I love you. All of the reasons that after 4 months I “knew.” All of the reasons that after 7 years…I still do. Thanks for the best 7 years of my life. Happy Anniversary babe.


Happy Mother’s Day! May 11, 2008

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 Happy Mother’s Day everyone!! I tried to post last night, but WordPress was down, but since it is, in fact, Mother’s Day right now, this works. Best Mother’s Day gift so far- the kids slept at my parents so I was not awoken (is that a word?) at 6:30, but slept until the glorious hour of 8:15…until my dad awoke me to tell me I forgot to give them diapers. Still, I am able to blog in peace and that is a gift.

I could spend time talking about what a wonderful mother I have, but I already did that here, and as my close friends and family will tell you, too many mushy displays of affection make me break out in hives and start to twitch (I am pretty sure it is my mom’s fault). I could also go on and on about how much I love being a mom and what a blessing it is, but I am pretty sure I have done that before to and besides, I want to talk today about what is truly important…

I GOT A SCOOBA!!!!! The Scooba is the Roomba’s more talented sister who washes and dries my hardwood floors. I actually got it last week cause it was on sale at Linens N Things and the hubby used a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon cause they accept competitors coupons, making it $100 cheaper than on amazon. HE BOUGHT IT WITH COUPONS!! Seriously, could he know me any better? Anyway, this little robot has been cleaning my floors, pretty much daily. At first I thought, well I can’t really tell if it is doing much. Then I cleaned out the filter and the tank. Gross. So this is one less chore I will be doing. If only, they made a robot to clean my toilets. Seriously, shouldn’t we be living like the Jetsons by now? Where is my Rosie?

So here is wishing all you mommies a Happy Mother’s Day. May your kids lavish you with tons of kisses, hugs and love and then may they take a long, long nap 🙂