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Make Me Laugh Monday- The Man Cold May 11, 2008

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  This video is only funny because it is so darn true. And any of you who have been married for any length of time know just how true it is. Enjoy!!

*Thanks Candace
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Make Me Laugh Monday- It’s Business Time March 30, 2008

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 So I have been reading Absolutely Bananas for a while now and while she often makes me laugh, her new “Make Me Laugh Monday” has been upping the ante. I don’t know how often I will participate, but I couldn’t resist this one week.

All of my loyal readers know all about The Challenge (if you are coming for MMLM, go check it out). Well, it now has a theme song.

(it’s not really You Tube week, I will do my own content again tomorrow 🙂