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Polly Pocket February 17, 2008

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polly-pockets.jpg An eternal dilemma

Pro: Keeps Lily occupied for hours on end

Con: Thousands of tiny little shoes and plastic dresses all over my playroom floor

God’s greatest gift or a form of motherhood torture? Discuss…


Fun with Recalls November 9, 2007

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aqua-dots.jpg In case you have been living in a cave, Aqua Dots have been recalled. Choking hazard-nope, lead- not this time, date rape drug- BINGO. Could anything be more disturbing?

So, we have these. They were one of Lily’s favorite toys from her birthday. She loved playing with them and I know for a fact that there were many little dots on our floor for a few weeks after well within Hannah’s reach. It is by the grace of God she didn’t ingest any.

I have spent the past few days trying to get a hold of the manufacturer to figure out what to do. Today after being on hold for a good 15 minutes I reached a live person who I am 90% sure was speaking to me from India. She informed that the company had rushed to produce a “safe” and “non-toxic” version of Aqua Dots that has been coated with something that tastes really bitter so the child will immediately spit it out. Then she assured my again that it was non-toxic. If it is so non-toxic why does it need the bitter thing???

So would I like some new “non-toxic” Aqua Dots or a replacement toy of a different nature?

Um, let’s see…

My children will be receiving twigs and leaves from the backyard this year for Christmas. I may even through in some strange looking berries which will probably be safer if ingested than anything on the shelves of Toys R Us.


A Long overdue Jump onto the soapbox November 3, 2007

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mcdonalds.jpg Ok, so remember a long time ago during “The Great Sickout of 2007” when I mentioned I had a beef with McDonalds. I know you have been waiting on the edge of your seats for this post. Well, my friends, I don’t disappoint.

Lily, like many other children of her generation, loves McDonalds Happy Meals. We don’t eat them often, but as you other mommies know, a Micky D run may happen from time to time. What is the draw of McDonalds to a toddler? Greasy food, overpriced “meat”, red and yellow ambiance? No, it is the toy. I swear Lily would eat a salad there if it came with a toy (maybe I’m on to something ingenious).

So as soon as I got the Happy Meal, Lily immediately started asking what the toy is. Imagine my delight when I pulled this out:


Is this appropriate for a 4 year old? Is this appropriate for anyone? I had to launch into a discussion of modesty and appropriate dress to someone who had no clue what I was talking about and just wanted to play with her toy. You would think jewelry was in that thing. Needless to say she handled it well, but I did not need to be put in this position.

When did Happy Meal toys go from fuzzy and cute to slutty and cheap? OK, so they were always cheap, but I mean the other kind of cheap. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given the Britney-fied, Bratz culture we live in, but is it too much to ask to want to wait until Lily is, oh I don’t know, 6, to see this stuff.

So I would like to say we should all boycott McDonalds. I’d like to say that I am boycotting McDonalds, but that probably won’t realistically happen. I would like to say I am writing them an angry letter, but I haven’t done that either. What should us mothers do? Not just mothers of daughters, those of you with sons are affected to. They are growing up looking at the same images assaulting them. What do you do?


Anyone else? October 15, 2007

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dancingwiththestars.jpg Let me just start by saying that anything that comes after this sentence I mean in the most Christian way possible.

OK, does anyone else find Samantha Harris to be one of the most annoying people ever? Let’s just say I did not miss her when she was gone. It just doesn’t seem like the woman can form a complete sentence when she interviews the contestants. I end up watching every show wondering how she got her job. I am sure she is a lovely person, not to mention a child of God, but she needs to find a new career.

On a lighter note, how amazing is everyone doing this season. Now that Wayne is gone, there is really no one who stands out as the obvious one to go home. I am not even sure who I want to win cause there are so many people I really like. I am really enjoying this season. Are you watching? Who is your favorite?


A Must see for Mothers of daughters October 7, 2007

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An open letter October 6, 2007

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letter.jpg To the security staff at Magee Woman’s Hospital in Pittsburgh:

If you choose to call our house at 11:30 pm, please don’t begin the call with-

“Hello, I am Officer so and so from Magee Woman’s Hospital and I am so sorry to call so late.”

I have already panicked that the phone is ringing at 11:30 and there is a hospital on caller ID. My heart is pounding and I have begun praying for everyone I know.

So you can understand my anger when I discover you are calling because you have found a cell phone with our number in it and are wondering if we can contact its owner for you. Especially when said owner has no other contact number than his cell phone. Oh, and did I mention he is a doctor who works in YOUR hospital. A doctor whose name you seemed to know when you called.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.




It was only a matter of time September 10, 2007

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tape-measure.jpg I can’t believe I have had a blog for this long and haven’t jumped on a soapbox about Miss Britney. Being that I am (ashamedly) a reader of celebrity gossip, there has been no one whose story is more of a trainwreck as of late. So I of course had to tune into the MTV VMA’s last night to see her historic comeback (soley for research purposes).

I could blog about how bad it was (really, really bad) or how she seemed to even forget how to lip sync (how hard is that?) or how raunchy she continues to be (inspiring young girls everywhere). Instead I would like to talk about how fat she looked.

Oh, yes, it seems many of the reviews today are all about her “huge” gut. Is it just me, or is it a little sad when this:


is fat? Now perhaps she isn’t quite as toned as when she was SEVENTEEN, and perhaps I would have gone with a different choice in clothing (actually this applies across the board-please hire a stylist Miss B) that was a bit more flattering, but since when is this overweight? The woman has had 2 children people. I have had 2 children and my stomach isn’t near that flat. In fact I would give the 10 extra pounds around my waistline for that stomach (oh, wait-then I would have that stomach).

There are a billion and one reasons why this girl is a poor choice of role models for young women, but let’s not add to them by suggesting that her body isn’t good enough. Somedays, I truly weep over the fact I am raising girls in this culture.