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Things I Love Thursday- Pledge Multisurface wipes July 9, 2008

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Blogging from the road today, but I can’t let all 5 of my readers down that link to TILT, so I am taking a break from my vacation to blog. That is the kind of dedicated blogger that I am. Let’s see if we can set a world record for TILT participation, shall we? If you would please go read the rules over here, especially if you are a first timer, that would prevent anyone from getting put in the “naughty chair.”

Anyway, this week I stumbled upon a great new product that has helped me in my quest to be the laziest cleaner ever. You see one stupidly easy task that I hate doing is dusting. I don’t know why, but I suspect it is because it was one of my chores I always had to do growing up. Along with ironing. Another chore I currently load. I am a firm believer that all problems can be traced directly back to and blamed directly upon your parents. You may think that is unfair to my parents, but I figure someday my kids will be blaming a whole host of things on me so it will all come full circle.

Anywho…the dusting. I discovered that Pledge has taken one step out of the dusting. The spraying part. Which was really quite taxing. Now, they have a wipe with the stuff already on it and you just pull it out and wipe stuff down. Miraculous. Put this is not the best part. There’s more!! You don’t just use these babies on wood. I used these on my hubby’s bathroom mirror which was covered with what appeared to be a large amount of toothpaste spittal. I could barely see myself anymore. Also somehow my laptop screen was covered in little fingerprints. Can’t imagine how that happened. One swipe…gone.

According to the website, you can use it on a whole host of surfaces. And you can keep using it from surface to surface until it is too dirty or dry. Then you just toss it. Again, this is probably not my most earth friendly moment ever, but did I mention how lazy of a cleaner I am? I am justifying it by saying that these things will be replacing all sorts of other cleaners in my house that are probably toxic and or in non-recyclable containers. What do you think, would that fly with Al, Leo and their posse?

Here is a bonus frugal tip a week early. These are on sale at Walgreens this week 2/$6. Then there is a coupon in 6/15 Smart Source that is buy one, get one free. THEN, there is a rebate (#21) you can apply for on Walgreens website (you can email me if you want more info) where you get $2 back for every 2 you buy which essentially makes these $.50 each!! You can do this for up two six of these. Aren’t you proud Jenny? And don’t worry, you will still get a frugal tip tomorrow for Frugal Friday. I am like the postman, I deliver rain or shine….or vacation. Which I am getting back to right now.

Link up!!


Things I Love Thursday- Cascade Complete June 25, 2008

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  Welcome to round #2 of the Things I Love Carnival!! Thanks in advance for playing along. I actually did not realize how much I would love reading your posts and finding new things to love. I am not sure this is going to be good for the wallet 🙂 But marketers everywhere will live in fear.

This week, I was asked to try out Cascade Complete dishwasher detergent. So we are just going to continue with the dishwashing theme. I have let you in on my dishwashing neuroses, now we are going to talk about the hubby’s. He is a major pre-rinser. And he has won me over to his side. We practically wash the dishes before the dishwasher does. So when I read on the Cascade website in big bold letters that there is no need to prewash I was skeptical to say the least.

But I put in some nasty dishes to give it a whirl. I mean nasty. Plates with massively caked on food. Even a slotted spoon where you could hardly see the slots. I put in the detergent closed the door and practically double dog dared that detergent to get the dishes clean. And you know what? It totally did. Not a spot of food on anything. Anything!! I am majorly sold.

Now here is a freebie cause I wasn’t asked to review these babies, but I also majorly love the Cascade 2in1 ActionPacs (no that is not a typo, apparently the good folks at Cascade are not a fan of spaces). They are insanely easy to use. You just pop them in the little cup and go. I picked up 4 packs back when Walgreens was running a P&G promotion so I got them for a steal which is even better. Needless to say I won’t be buying dishwasher detergent until 2011.

If you have a tip you want to share, leave a link below. For guidelines, check here.



Things I Love Thursday-VitaTops June 18, 2008

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  What is the best kind of food? The kind that is healthy and absolutely delicious. Better yet healthy and tastes exactly like a big ol’ chocolate brownie. For breakfast. I am in love.

I first heard about Vitalicious VitaTops from Hungry Girl (another thing I love) and thought, “Hmmm, sounds good, but where on earth do I find such things.” And so I gave it very little thought. Until I stumbled upon them at the grocery store last week. I didn’t know it at the time, but I have stumbled upon the greatest breakfast invention since french toast.

They are low calorie, no fat, 5 grams of fiber (you know I love me some fiber), and even kosher for my orthodox Jewish readers (anyone?). I can’t speak to any other flavor, but the deep chocolate ones are to die for. I might consider swapping my most prized possession for one of these babies. Seriously, CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST!!!! This is the greatest invention mankind has ever dreamed up.

I think it is only fair that I alert you to the fact that I have a bit of an overselling problem. I will admit to this, but in this case he could not be more wrong. These are the most amazing bites of heaven I have ever tasted. Man, are these babies good. Did I mention how wonderful these are? Ok, honey, maybe you have a point…

Now, I am trying a little experiment that I am so nervous about. It has been suggested to me to turn “Things I Love Thursday” into a carnival of sorts a la “Works for me Wednesday” over at Rocks in my Dryer. Yeah, but I am no Rocks in my Dryer. So I fear I will throw up a Mr. Linky and he will sit all alone at his coming out party cursing the day he met me. So help me out and throw up a Things I Love Thursday over at your blog. Let your readers know about something you love and then link up over here.

Here is all I ask. Try and pick an actual “thing” that you love. Keep things along the lines of tips in the “Works For Me Wednesday” category. Feel free to do a product review, but make sure to let your readers know that you have been supplied with the product to review. Also, if you would be so kind to link back here, I would be ever so grateful. So…here goes nothing!!



Things I Love Thursday- ME!!! (but really you again) June 11, 2008

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 Thanks so much for all your comments last week. I got 49 fabulous ones. Well actually 47 cause Erin was trying to stack the deck in her favor by leaving me some comment love multiple times. I just kid Erin, but I am onto your tactics. Anyway, we have a winner and it is comment #8, Denise who so deserves it because she used to work for my dad and everyone deserves a prize for putting up with his crazy self 🙂

But guess what dear readers, I am just so in love with you all and your fabulous comments that I am giving up one more fabulous personalized scripture name for you to win. Why, you ask. Wait, didn’t I say it’s because I love you? Oh, you mean why else? Because 33 years ago today, I blessed this world with by presence and now I am continuing to bless you with my presents (see how I did that? oh the witty humor!! actually mom, that was for you).

Yes, it is my birthday today and what do I want? Well, I would continue my plea for chocolate, but that did not work out for me so well last week. But you know what did work well? My bribery for comments. So I am bribing again. Maybe I will get so used to all this bribing I will start giving things away every week!! Doubtful, but for this week, you are in luck. Leave me a comment, any old comment and you will be entered. I prefer comments telling me I don’t look a day over 29 in case you are wondering.

This contest is shorter and will end Sunday at midnight when I will post a winner. Actually lets say 10 cause I don’t want to stay up until midnight. Only one entry per person. Yes, Erin, I’m talkin’ to you 🙂 Best of luck!!


Things I Love Thursday- YOU!! June 4, 2008

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 I realized today (Wed) that it is actually my one year blogging anniversary!!! How fun is that? And it almost slipped by unnoticed. So today I am paying tribute to you, my wonderful readers.

Some of you have been with me from the beginning. Mom and the hubby were the first two to comment cause they are required to love me and my blog, but then I got a few strangers who started reading and are still loyal commentors. And then a few of my friends started blogs and I found a bunch of friends already had blogs and an obsession began. Now even the hubby has a blog.

451 posts, 4777 comments (a bloggy carnival or 2 will do your numbers wonders) and even 4299 spam comments (thanks to viagra and the sex challenge) later, here we are. So thank you all for going on this little adventure with me. I sincerely love every comment and am trying to get better about following up on them. You have made this so fun and I have enjoyed making some “bloggy” friends. Weird little thing, this world wide web.

You know what I want for my anniversary? More comments!!! This is officially your day to come out of the woodwork and tell me you love me :). And I am not above bribery. I am offering up one of my mother’s beautiful scripture names personalized as you wish. If you have always wanted one of these during the bloggy giveaways, but there were way too many people entered, here is your chance. I don’t have near that many readers 🙂 The contest will end next Wednesday at midnight when we will begin celebrating another unnamed special occasion.

If you don’t want to be entered in the contest, leave a comment anyway and tell me not to enter you. The goal is comments people. I want to wake up and be flooded with them. Cause comments are like crack to a blogger and I can’t get enough (note: I have never actually tried crack, nor do I condone it’s use, but I couldn’t think of another analogy). Wait I just did. Comments are like chocolate to a women who is in the throes of PMS. Come to think of it…chocolate would be an excellent anniversary gift. Forget the comments, send chocolate 🙂


Things I Love Thursday- Clorox Disinfecting Wipes May 28, 2008

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 Why not just continue on with the theme of “my clean house” that we have begun this week? I am up to my eyeballs in a massive 6 family garage sale I am hosting tomorrow so hopefully this is coherent. I have blogged before about my love of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes (and the guilt I still carry over the environmental impact of using these babies), but I was asked to try the Clorox brand, and I thought, why not?

Verdict: I like these even better. Going into I figured a wipe is a wipe, but that is so not true. The smarties over at Clorox have made their wipe thicker and more textured which allows it to clean even better and last a little longer. FYI- it is also helpful to know that they are:

  • Effective against common bacteria such as Staphylococcus (Staph.), Salmonella, and E.coli*
  • Pre-moistened disinfecting wipes that kill 99.9% of germs including viruses that cause colds and flu
  • Sounds good to me. Nothing worse than a house full of sickies. Also I loved the scent. I was given lavender to try and yummy. I would not advice actually eating the wipe, but it smells really good and I prefer it strongly to the generic smell of anti-bacterial clean. You might too, unless you are my friend Jen, who believes your house isn’t really clean unless it stinks like bleach.

    Here is my note to the good people at Clorox. Recently, I have also tried Mr. Clean’s Disinfecting wipes (cause I scored them for free while doing a little Walgreening a few weeks ago-p.s. when you shop drugstores, like I do, their names become a verb) and their container kicks your container’s booty. So you should think about that. Cause right now it is a toss up for which one of you gets my life long disinfecting wipe loyalty. And if I made you both arm wrestle for it, I am thinkin’ he would easily win (check out those biceps!). And I know my loyalty is far too precious to throw away on an arm wrestling match (I warned you, FRIED BRAIN).


    Things I Love Thursday- Ragu Fresh & Simple Pouch May 21, 2008

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      Have you ever tried a product that you didn’t even realize you needed until you tried it?I was happy with my jarred pasta sauce. No real complaints. And then I was sent the new Ragu Fresh and Simple pouch to try and I realized my life had not been complete and I didn’t even realize it.

    You know how you make pasta and then you have to find a way to heat up the sauce to put on the pasta. You can throw it in a pan, but then you are just dirtying another pan. You can throw it in the microwave, but often it explodes all over the inside. Now, you just put the pouch in the microwave and pour it on your pasta. How easy is that?

    The absolute best part: no added sugar, additives or preservatives. You can actually read and pronounce all the ingredients on the package. And there is a full serving of veggies in each half cup. The best news, they definitely didn’t sacrifice taste. The hubby and I both give it 2 thumbs up. I think your kids will love it too, but my kids insist that their pasta be served without sauce and with a heaping pile of Parmesan cheese. Actually it kind of ends up as a pile of cheese with a side of pasta.

    To further help out mommies who are trying to put dinner on the table while screaming kids pull at her legs (please tell me that is you too!) they have put a couple of recipe suggestions on their website. Also Ragu has put together Feed Our Kids Well which gives some great tips and advice for keeping our families healthy. You can get a booklet that has lots of great recipe ideas to use your pouches to make. Sign upto have one sent to you or view it on their site. This booklet is great cause it has all kinds of ideas very few of which actually involve pasta. Who knew you could use pasta sauce in sloppy joes?

    Run out and get yourself some. I think these might just become a staple around here. It went over way better than the Brut deodorant I was sent to have my hubby sample. He is complaining of smelling like a barber shop. I tole him I liked it cause I think he smells like my Grandpa, whom I loved. I don’t think he found that to be a good thing…