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Oh Erik!!! May 9, 2008

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  Did anyone watch this Thursday? If you didn’t, you shouldn’t read this. Hello, dumb move!!! Man these ladies are manipulative. I just am still in awe that he fell for it. It is way late and I just finished my DVR’d version so I am a bit speechless and brain dead, but the poor guy is probably scarred against women for life. Still with that hair, he could always be a Farrah Fawcett impersonator.

I apologize for the lameness of this post. I got nothing coherent to say. I am sure tomorrow I will be flooded with brilliant blog posts. If not, I can just talk about the possibilities of McDreamy and Merideth making a go at it…again.


The Return Of TV May 2, 2008

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  So it seems that everything is back!! Well except Pushing Daisies, man I miss that show. But I have discovered that as much as I complained about the lack of good TV, my DVR and I are a bit overwhelmed. I don’t even know what to do on Thursday nights. Of course this is massively compounded by the fact that it is hockey playoffs. Which means there is a game on practically every stinkin’ night. Fortunately, this also means this ridiculously long season is almost over. Don’t tell my husband I said that.

Still I have for the first time ever abandoned Dancing With the Stars part way in. I could not be more bored with these people. I can’t take much more of David Archuletta. Forgive me 13 year old girls everywhere. Survivor has voted off most of the people I like. 30 Rock and Scrubs are airing season finales last week. Thankfully Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy have gotten good again, but Ugly Betty seems to have majorly jumped the shark.

It is possible that I should be spending my time reading my large stack of magazines or books next to my bed. Or conversing with my hubby. Or enjoying the beautiful weather, with the exception of tonight cause apparently we have tornado warnings. Or cleaning my house. Good golly, TV is taking up way too much time. Then again, when there was nothing on, I wasn’t doing any of those things. What in God’s name was I doing?

So the net out is I find myself oddly waiting for life to go back to “nothing on TV” mode. Maybe I will tackle one of the above. Or just lay in my hammock until bedtime every night. Sadly it is a fact that I still get a wireless signal out in my yard so you won’t be without these stellar posts during the summer months. Whew. Actually I lied a little bit before, I can’t wait for So You Think You Can Dance? Man I love that show. What are you looking forward to doing with your extra hours of daylight this summer?


Things I Love Thursday- Miss Guided April 2, 2008

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television.jpg I stumbled upon this little gym after seeing a preview and thinking, “Looks funny, I should check it out since outside of American Idol, there is NOTHING GOOD ON TV!!” Yet I turn it on every night, hoping it will prove me wrong. It has not…

Until now. Have you seen this show? It is Judy Greer is adorable. That guy from Saturday Night Live is creepy, but very funny. I truly can’t remember the last time I laughed so much at a TV show. Unless you count laughing at the possibility that Dolly Parton thinks she is fooling anybody with all that plastic surgery. Sorry…but, seriously!

So check it out on Thursday nights at ABC if you need a good laugh and/or break from reality TV. Or from meaningful conversation with your husband (sweety, I kid…that’s what hockey is for).

*When I clicked on the website I noticed that this week is the season finale. Hello? This show just started and I so NEED a funny show in my rotation. It is coming back this fall. So this post is actually quite lame, but it is midnight and I don’t have the energy to do anything else but lay my head on my pillow. So check out the show this week….and then wait until fall. Argh writers strike. Why do you continue to torment me?

It’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious March 17, 2008

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mary-poppins.jpg  I think I have mentioned before that I am pretty selective about letting my kids watch TV or movies. Actually outside of Veggie Tales, Lily hasn’t really watched any movies. To substitute we watch clips for various movies on You Tube as I mentioned in a previous Works For Me Wednesday. One of Lily’s favorites to watch are clips from Mary Poppins. So last week I rented the movie from our local library (free rentals!!). All week I built up the chance to watch it on the weekend. I will not lie, it was thrown out as a bribe for good behavior more than once.

So we got home from Chicago on Sunday afternoon and settled in for a movie. A few minutes in, the hubby was snoring, but Lily was mesmerized. Every few minutes she would say, “How does she do that?” I would tell her it’s magic. Her eyes would get big and she would say “I wish I could do that.” She loved the movie and immediately wanted to watch it again as soon as it was over. And that is one long kiddie movie. At the end, she turned to me and said “Mama, that was greater than I even thought it was going to be” as she snuggled up next to me. These are the moments…