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Works for Me Wednesday- Take Your Vitamins July 8, 2008

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  You know how you are supposed to take a daily vitamin. Well at least somebody says you should. And since they don’t make adult ones shaped like Pebbles and Bam-Bam, I can’t seem to remember to take mine. Ever. And I really want to be one of those people who remember to take their vitamins. It seems very responsible and grown up like.

So last week I decided to do something to help me remember. So I went out and bought one of those daily pill reminder things (they probably have a way more technical name). Then I put my daily vitamins in there. A multi, some fish oil,  a calcium, whatever else I decide throw in there.

Now the system isn’t fool proof (or child proof so be careful). But it has raised my vitamin taking percentage from about 10% or the time to about 60% so that is something right? I am sure my bones, brain and other vital organs are thankful. And if I could just carve them out into the shape of Dino and flavor them like berries I would surely be at 100%.

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Works For Me Wednesday- Dishwasher Organization. June 24, 2008

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    First some quick bloggity business. Thanks to all of you for your brilliant advice last WFMW. I am happy to report that we are 90% of the way to being funk free thanks to some hot water, bleach and vinegar. In case you want an update, we ran an empty load with hot water and bleach and then threw in the towels with some vinegar. There is the smallest trace of funk left so we are doing a little “second verse, same as the first.”

Also last week, I started a new blog carnival over here on Thursdays called “Things I Love Thursday.” If you are lacking in inspiration tomorrow, come on over and tell us about a product you love. More info here.

Now onto the tip. I might have mentioned a time or two (or twenty) that I am bit anal about the organization of my dishwasher. And other people’s dishwashers are not immune from my meddling. So imagine my delight when a while back I was hoping around on WFMW and stumbled upon this tip from Blog in my Eye. She somehow moved me from anal to anal 2.0. When arranging your silverware in your dishwasher do it by type so that when you are putting it away, they are already grouped by where they go. You should also mix up their orientation for the best cleaning (that’s a bonus tip I got from Martha Stewart so you know it is good).

Now, here is where you get a tiny bit of insight into my crazy. I have 5 sections (spoons, forks, knives, steak knives and other utensils that don’t go in the silverware organizer thing, and kid utensils). I am slightly bothered by the fact that my small spoons and soup spoons intermingle as well as my forks and salad forks. Sometimes if I am feeling particularly anal, I will orient each one in the same direction so that the intermingling is offset a bit.

*uncomfortable silence, crickets chirpping…ahem.

Please come back and read me again after that was just put out there for the world to read. I swear in many ways I am a very normal person (hubby, mom, dad, bro and Nicol-shut it).

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Works For Me Wednesday- We Got The Funk June 17, 2008

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   You gotta love it when a Works For Me Wednesday post is born out of a rather embarrassing problem. Our problem du jour- funky towels. Towels that smell of mold and must even after washing. As in they come out of the dryer that way. We have tried re-washing, doing smaller loads, not putting semi-wet towels in the hamper, changing towels more often. All to no avail. Then I happened to be reaching down into the washer to pull out a stray sock and whew!!! It appears our washer is also smelling a bit on the funky side.

Here is the problem with the funky towel. I never realize it’s full funkiness until I have dried of my whole body and go to dry the face. Then I am hit with an overwhelming funk and realize it has attached itself to the rest of my body. So I go around all day smelling whiffs of funk. Or I lean in to kiss the hubby only to realize he is wearing eau de funky towel cologne. This problem has got to stop. Is anyone else with me or have you not had the pleasure of using some delightful smelling body wash only to have it negated by you recently washed towel?

So after some research a la google, I think I have stumbled upon a cure. Run a very hot load of wash (yes, bad for the environment, but I am not sure my funky smell is all that good for your environment) and add in a cup full of vinegar (God’s greatest invention). I must confess this WFMW post is written a bit prematurely as we are trying out this tip as we speak (write), but maybe if it doesn’t work you can flood me with comments telling me what works for you. Or at least that you sympathize with my dilemma. Or maybe confess that you too have been smelling a little funky lately. Please don’t comment that last time you saw a member of my family, you left distinctly feeling as though we were giving off an odd smell. Although that could be the case for completely unrelated reasons.

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Works For Me Wednesday- Meals on the Road June 10, 2008

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   As my regular readers know, I am on vacation to Chicago this week. We lived here for 5 years so it i kind of like coming home. On a side note, we are staying in a rented condo (which relates to my WFMW so bear with me) and next door there is a man who must bathe in cologne because that is all I smell when I walk out my door. I also quite often hear a yippy dog so I am thinking the cologne might be some sort of subconscious attempt to appear more masculine while walking a tiny dog. Just a little psychoanalysis to start us off.

My tip today (besides to lay off on the cologne for my gentlemen readers) is to look into staying in condos and villas when traveling. Especially in big cities, you can sometimes get them for less than a cost of a room. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing less relaxing in life than cramming into a single room with two kids who go to sleep and wake up at different times. A condo gives you space and sanity all wrapped up into one.

The other cost saving benefit of a condo or villa is that you can make your own food. I don’t know about you, but eating out is not only bad for the wallet, but horrible for the waistline. So I find it is much more economical to cook myself. However it isn’t so economical to buy 50 things at the grocery store necessary to make 2 meals. So I brought some frozen meals that I got especially for the trip. In the interest of full disclosure, I should note that I purchased the frozen meals at one of those assemble your own meals places (which are also fabulous and possibly a future WFMW). I got a meal to feed 3 people for less than the cost of an entree. And when my kids decide to throw a tantrum about how yucky the chicken is (IT TASTES FUNNY!!), it is solely for my delight and not an entire restaurant.

So that is what works for me. For more tips, head over to Rocks in my Dryer.


Works For Me Wednesday- The “Mom I’m Bored” Edition June 3, 2008

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 My kids, thankfully, don’t utter that phrase too often. Well, Hannah still isn’t taking so she doesn’t offer any phrases, but she keeps us very entertained by putting on a ruffled dress up skirt and twirling around till she is so busy she runs into things. That is a big boredom buster here. So my advice is to rent my 2 year old for hours of endless entertainment. Word to the wise, she eats a lot and tends to get very cranky if she is woken up from her 3 hour afternoon nap early.

I kid, I kid…you so couldn’t afford to rent my kid (but if you want both for a weekend, I might cut you a bargain). What we really do to cut the boredom around here is some road trippin!! Although with the current gas prices, this might need some re-evaluation, we have several road trips planned for the summer (to be paid for my hiring my kids out for cheap entertainment).

Now, you might remember a while back, I actually posted some tips on how to road trip with the kids. I still stand by those recommendations, but recently I was made aware of another great website to help you plan your road trips that I have become a big fan of. Get Road Ready is a great website that has a some great features I must let you in on.

  • A Best of the Road map that has pre-planned road trips mapped out for you. Helpful for the uncreative or directionally challenged among us. I am actually super excited to check out all the things it suggests to do right here in Michigan, including Traverse City which we are already planning a road trip to in July.
  • Hello, Trip Activities!! I am going to bravely challenge the hubby to a round of State Capitals. Game on, baby.
  • Tips and Checklists: This is going to be my hubby’s department. Apparently the car has something called a spark plug that needs to be checked from time to time. Car talk=Klingon to me. My OCD father will be happy to know there are some tips about keeping your car clean because apparently “THE CLEANLINESS OF YOUR CAR IS A REFLECTION UPON YOU!!!” Was I yelling? So sorry. And don’t even try to throw the “I have kids in the car all the time” line at him. He practically vacuums them while driving.
  • There are even some coupons. Don’t tell Jenny, she has an addiction.

Here is a bonus for those of you who like some multimedia presentations with your blog post. The lovely people over at Get Road Ready have put together a little video with some of their tips.

Any fun road trips you have planned for the summer?

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Works For Me Wednesday- Fill Your Sink May 27, 2008

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   In my new quest to fly high I have been trying to tackle the biggest and most important fly lady rule. Fly ladies say it with me…SHINE YOUR SINK!! So I am trying to keep my sink dish and pan free.

Here is our previous system. The family puts dirty dishes into the right side of the sink that I load into the dishwasher. If you haven’t read my 100 things you might not know that I am a expert at loading the dishwasher. Absolutely no one else is allowed to load it cause frankly, they just screw it up. Just between you me and the lamppost (how weird is that expression?), I have also been known to rearrange other people’s dishwashers when they aren’t looking. It’s a sickness, don’t judge. Sometimes, things get loaded right away, other times, I’m not gonna lie, they might sit there a little while.

The pots, pans and other odd shaped things that don’t fit in the dishwasher go in the left side of the sink. The hubby is in charge of those. Depending on life, those may or may not sit there for a while too. I’m not callin’ him out, just keepin’ it real (don’t I sound hip and cool?). I am just thankful I don’t have to do it cause I hate cleaning pots and pans.

The new system: when I am cooking lunch and dinner, I fill the left side of the sink with dishsoap right when I start. As I cook, I throw things in there. They soak while we eat, and then before I leave the kitchen, I quick wash them up. At least, I have done this for 2 days now and it seems to be working. I give it 2 more before I get tired of washing pans and pass the job back to the hubby. But if I do manage to stick with it, isn’t it an awesome tip? That crazy purple fly would be so proud!

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Works For Me Wednesday- How to Set a Table May 20, 2008

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  When we got married (7 years ago!!), we didn’t register for china. I know it is what you are supposed to do and the registry lady sure seemed to want us to, but in all honesty, I just didn’t see us as china people. I can remember a very small handful of times we got out china growing up and my mom basically told me I could have her china since she wasn’t using it. I actually really like her china, so we just registered for some upscale every day plates and called it a day.

So if I were to be honest with you (and frankly, when aren’t I?) I also don’t enjoy a formal place setting because I am always way confused about how to set one. I know knives go inside the spoon, but I can’t recall which side they go on. Glasses to the right or left? This is too much stress for my little brain when I am already trying to cook a meal and look cute!

It’s even worse when you are out at a fancy event. There are so many forks, glasses, plates. It’s like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. How many times have you been seated at a wedding and accidentally started drinking out of your neighbors glass. No…just me then…alrighty then.

Anwho, I was delighted when I picked up Real Simple (the best magazine ever) and discovered some handy tips for navigating a formal place setting.

  • When you are at a wedding and confused about which glass to sip, picture your fingers making an OK sign. Your left hand makes a “b” for bread and your right makes a “d” for drink. I will pause while you try it yourself. I would suggest however you don’t REALLY do this when at a formal dinner unless you follow it up by making the “L” sign on your forehead.
  • When setting the table, remember this little tip: Fork- 4 letters- LEFT; Knife- 5 letters- RIGHT.
  • All flatware should be placed about a half an inch apart and line up with the bottom of the dinner plate.
  • Apparently the knife blade should point toward the plate. Emily Post says it is impolite to allow a knife blade face other guests. Geez, it’s not like you are pointing it AT them.
  • Serve a lot of wine so that nobody really cares where the silverware goes or if you eat their bread accidentally (That’s not a Real Simple tip, that’s a freebie from me).

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