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Things I Love Thursday June 25, 2008

Wanna play? Here’s how:

  • Put up a Things I Love Thursday over at your blog. Let your readers know about something/anything you love
  • Try and pick an actual “thing” that you love. Keep tips and things along those lines in the “Works For Me Wednesday” category. We don’t need to reinvent the VERY SUCcESSFUL wheel.
  • Feel free to do a product review, but make sure to let your readers know that you have been supplied with the product to review so we are keepin’ it honest.
  • Also, if you would be so kind to link back here, I would be ever so grateful. You can link to my blog in general or the Things I Love Thursday post itself.
  • Come back over here and sign up on Mr. Linky. Please link to your actual post and not just your blog so people can find it easier.
  • No need to ask if you can participate just jump right in. I am hoping to get a button going soon so you can use it on your post.
  • I will try and have the post up by 11pm EST on Wednesday night.

I think that is all, I will add rules as I see fit cause that makes me feel all important and stuff.


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