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Frugal Friday- Free Food May 8, 2008

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 Tonight I went to a local cafe for a night out with some of the mommies from MOPS (who lurk around on this blog- hi mommies!!). Man, I love a good girl’s night out. Good conversation, good pie, good free food. No I didn’t dine and ditch. I got offered a bunch of free food.

Apparently, when you stay at a cafe way past closing time the employees begin to give you free food. Maybe as a bribe to get you out of there so they can go home. Who cares? I never look a gift horse in the mouth (what can that possibly mean?). So we are all sitting there and an employee comes over and says that they have all these quiches and pot pies that they make fresh everyday and if they don’t sell, they have to throw them away. So since they are going to be thrown away anyway…would any of us like this big pile of FREE FOOD. Well heck yeah, I do.

The funny thing is he keeps going on and on about how the food was made fresh and so it needs to be eaten soon or he can’t guarantee the quality of it past tomorrow. No really, you should eat it tomorrow or else it might be bad. And did I mention it was made fresh today so you should really eat it soon.

At this point I realize that:

a) He doesn’t realize that food of a chicken pot pie nature doesn’t last long around my house and

b) I think he is seriously overestimating the freshness and quality of the food we usually serve here in the Diaper Diary household.

So I take 3 chicken pot pies and hit the road. I have also decided that I will return to that cafe every night at approximately 8:45 pm. I expect my grocery budget to be drastically reduced as long as my family doesn’t mind living on pot pies and quiches.

How is this helpful for you my dear readers…um, it’s not. Unless you know where I live and you want to come over for chicken pot pies. But here are some options for free food that you might find helpful.

  • TCBY is offering a free cup or cone for moms on Mother’s Day.
  • Boston Market is offering moms a coupon for free dessert during the month of May. All month long!
  • On May 15th, Dunkin Donuts is offering a free iced coffee from 10 am-10pm.
  • May 21st is apparently Bump Day. And Baskin Robbinsis giving away a free 3 oz. cone to expectant mothers. Almost makes you want to get preggo.

Is anyone noticing a theme here? Is it any wonder we aren’t taking off the baby weight?

For more frugal tips, head over to Biblical Womanhood.


12 Responses to “Frugal Friday- Free Food”

  1. Can I just say you are my favorite free stuff finder?

    Cause seriously, free iced coffee and ice cream?

    You’re speaking my language…

  2. Lenora Says:

    You would be amazed at how much food is thrown out each day in this country. Just stop at KFC before closing and ask them what they plan to do with their food at the end of the day. Go to Walmart early in the morning and you will see garbage cans full of edible fruits and vegetables headed to the dumpster. The list goes on and on.

  3. Jean Says:

    and this little cafe is where? 🙂

  4. Melinda Says:

    Good Deal! How cool that the employee didn’t just dump the food without thinking about it.
    Also, looking a gift horse in the mouth would mean that you are checking to see how old the gift horse is. People who know horses can tell that by looking at their teeth. Just thought you might be interested.

  5. Devon Says:

    YAY FOR BEING PREGNANT!!! I am SOOO going for bump day if I haven’t had this baby by then!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. anne Says:

    You can tell the health of a horse by their teeth. So if someone gives you a horse for free, you don’t want to insult them by insinuating that they gave you a sick horse and looking in the horse’s mouth.

    You’re welcome. Anytime.

  7. Kendra Says:

    I need to look into this! Free food…we could really use some right now!

  8. chanelireli Says:

    that rocks! Maybe this should be a case for girls night out every night!

  9. Kati Says:

    i used to do this all the time at starbucks when i worked there….we’d always give the sheriff’s free food…..but then again they were protecting our store…..

  10. canearl Says:

    I think that McDonalds is having a free chicken biscuit with the purchase of a drink this month. I don’t know when it is though. I’m all about free food :).

  11. Niki Says:

    Cool! Our Pizza Hut does the same thing on buffet night. They will actually give the lingerers boxes and tell them to take it all home!


  12. Awesome tip! Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to try this out sometime at one of the restaurants near us!

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